New PBR Textures in 8K resolution. Available now!

Hello 🙌

We have just released entirely new 500 PBR textures collection (now in 8Kresolution!)

We are listening to you

As you probably remember 🤔 some time ago we launched a survey where we’ve asked you what do you expect from our upcoming 3D models and PBR textures collections.

Over 1000 people participated in the survey (thank you 🙏), and we’ve gathered an enormous amount of data, opinions, and ideas from you.

8K Resolution!

So for our new PBR Textures collection, we’ve picked most requested textures subjects and also made them finally 8K resolution (8192px x 8192px)!

Introductory Sale ⏰

8K PBR Textures are available in introductory sale for just $49 (reg. $995) in the next 7 days (until next Friday).


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