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UV Tools 3.0.5 - Easy to use Unwrap tools for Archviz and more.

Script requirements: 3dsMax 2013-2020



Move and Rotate texture in 3dsMax viewport.


Align U or V axis to edge end or center.


Move, Scale, Rotate UV by values



Rotate texture by element length.

Pick scale

Get UV scale from another polygon.

Scale in units

Rescale UV to any units value or to Real-world mapping.


Random UV Flip, Rotate, Offset, Scale.


Use 4 preinstalled checker textures or add your own textures.

Real-world mapping supported.

Original materials can be restored even after 3dsMax crash.


Relax all or selected polygons in viewport.


Equalize texel density to min, max or average.

Show bitmaps

Show bitmaps on selected objects or selected polygons.

Planar from map

Apply planar mapping in aspect ratio of bitmap texture.

UV Morpher

Create flat object from mapping.

Can be used for Skin Wrap retopology and other techniques.

UV Morpher doesn’t make retopology.


Transfer sub-selection from Unwrap to Editable Poly and vice versa.

Hide elements

Hide selected polygons to get access to occluded areas.

UV operations

Many useful UV operations.

Learn more in Help section.

Customize GUI

Automatically change icons according to 3dsMax colors.

Close unwanted rollouts and change their order (2017+).


Assign any UV Tools action to hotkey or toolbar button.

Combine actions to create complex one-click mapping operations.

UV Tools:

  • work on multiple objects with same Unwrap modifier
  • work on Unwrap sub-selection
  • don’t need opened UV Editor
  • are fast, reliable and undoable

Download UV Tools 3.0.5



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