QuickTiles plug-in for 3dsMax

QuickTiles is a texture plugin for 3d max. It works with tile materials and allows you to reconstruct them as you like.

You load the source texture, automatically recognize individual tiles, specify a new pattern and dimensions, and add randomizations if necessary. The whole process goes directly in the 3d max and takes a few minutes.


The QuickTiles plugin has a huge number of features that make everyday work easier and significantly speed it up. Work with it for free for two weeks, and you will not want to leave!

Texture generation

Tile slicing

Mixing tile sets

Pattern creation

Tiles randomization

Embedding in a container

Bitmap randomization

Procedural gap


QuickTiles is compatible with the 2018 – 2021 versions of Autodesk 3d max and the Vray, Corona, and FStorm rendering engines


QuickTiles is sold by subscription, monthly. The price is the same for all types of organizations.

Check it out!

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