Spline Flow – parametric spline modeling for 3ds Max

KStudio has released a new plugin for 3ds Max called Spline Flow. This tool enables users to generate and morph between control splines along defined paths, thereby facilitating the creation of complex parametric objects.

Main features:

  • Creating a parametric model based on splines
  • Spline flow from one shape to the next
  • Support to an animation of source splines [PRO]
  • Animation of Spline Flow [PRO]
  • Distribution of splines along the path
  • Control over Distribution and Curvature for more flexible control over the shape of an object
  • The ability to apply modulation, which in particular allows you to create a wave effect
  • Exploding to separate splines to allow assign modifiers that apply to each spline separately to modeling complex 3d models

Get Spline Flow

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