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Tiler is a Photoshop extension for tiling textures and creating seamless textures. Fast and easy to use.

If you notice any pattern after tiling (even if you used seamless texture) you can remove it by using Remove Patterns options.

Download Tiler

Panel UI Controls:

– Number of Iterations: how many layers will be created when removing the visible patterns (min. 1 – max. 10). The higher the number the better the result but it takes a little bit more time to complete.

– Rotation Angle: means how each layer will be rotated (min. 1 – max. 90). This variation also helps to remove the visible patterns.

– HighPass: equalizes the image lighting. The value of 100 is good for most of the images. If desired you can select from the 3 values: 50, 100 or 150.

– Rotation Angle: relative value to the texture size (width and height) and represents how big the patch will be to close the visible seams (min. 1 – max. 50%)

System requirements:

– Photoshop CC 2017 or above

– Windows or Mac

How to use:

Download Tiler

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