Wooden Bowl 2 – Free 3D photoscanned model | Pixelbox

Wooden Bowl 2 – Free 3D photoscanned model | Pixelbox


3D model of a photoscanned wooden accessory for various decorative purposes.

This model features very fine details and may serve also as a hero object for close-ups. Physical size approximately 33cm in diameter.

2 versions of the same model in MAX 2016 file setup to render with Vray.

2 corresponding OBJ and FBX files

6x 6000 px resolution maps

High poly version has 1.166.946 polys and does not need any displacement.

Mid poly version has 11.396 polys and is setup to render with displacement (map provided in 32bit depth)

Both models render very alike as the EXR displacement map was carefully re-projected from Z-brush.

For the perfect experience please keep provided VrayDisplacementMod modifier in the stack. Feel free to play with the edge length parameter, but keep everything else intact.

If you feel this product has larger value for you, please support us and we will use the means to bring you more quality models in the near future.



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Via ejeZeta.cl vwartclub.com
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