wParallax People // Humano People Pack

Make your interiors even more lively by adding people!

Collaboration with Humano 3D People This library is made specifically for wParallax 32-Bit EXR Maps with 3 Aspect Ratios (S, M and L)  For more info please see this video:

Package Includes:

– 100 Unique Model Cutouts (100 Night / 100 Day)

– Over 150 possible variations

– BONUS – 15 Mannequins cutouts for retail


– All the Cutouts are organized in a single photoshop file

– Each Cutout has its own folder with Day and Night option

– Some Cutouts have multiple variations (different angles for more variety)

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– Photoshop of Affinity to add people to wParallax EXR Maps by simply drag and drop

– To activate People layer when rendering:

– Made with Humano 3D Models (https://humano3d.com)

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