Globe Cherry Prunus Eminens Umbraculifera | Gamma 2.2 – Architectural Visualization

Very realistic 3D models of Globe Cherry – Prunus Eminens ‘Umbraculifera’ with scanned trunks.

Available in the following formats:

● 3dsmax 2014 file with Vray 3.6 materials

● 3dsmax 2014 file with Corona materials

● Vray proxy export

● Corona proxy export

● FBX export

● OBJ export

● GrowFx files version 1.9.9 SP8

3 different scanned trunks:

● scanned using Reality Capture

● 8K textures generated from 40 million triangle scanned meshes

● aproximately 200K – 300K tris for each retopologized trunk model, small details are in the normal maps, no displacement is used.

2 sided leaf textures captured with Dabarti Capture Pro:

● Dabarti Capture is a tool that helps with capturing high quality albedo and surface Normal maps using photometric stereo technique.

● 3 different leaf textures in 1024×1024 resolution

● albedo, normal, specular and alpha (front and back of the leaf)

Mesh face count:

● Globe Cherry v1 – 2.18 M triangles

● Globe Cherry v2 – 2.74 M triangles

● Globe Cherry v3 – 2.86 M triangles


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