How to Create Nature Scenes in No Time with Forest Pack Pro

If you bought a license of Forest Pack in the recent sale, here’s a great new tutorial from iToo Software to help you get up and running with you new toy. Their latest tutorial explores how to use Forest Pack’s various area options to quickly and easily create large natural environments.
“You know how it goes – a client tells you they want a huge landscape, rolling hills and wild moors with a footpath leading the eye to their latest creation nestled next to a lake.
‘Fine’ you say, ‘what’s the deadline?’
Sounds impossible? Not so. Creating rich foliage-filled environments may look like time-consuming work, but once you’ve mastered the basic features of scattering tools like iToo Software’s Forest Pack Pro for 3ds Max, it’s possible to turn around nature renders remarkably quickly.

See full of this tutorial here

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