Making of “Cake Please” | Peter Ang

The Making of “Cake Please” is a tutorial to show you how to achieve a food photography render look by using Corona renderer, Marvelous Designer and Zbrush.

Making of "Cake Please"

Making of "Cake Please"

Making of "Cake Please"


Part 1 will cover up how the scene was light up using Corona renderer with Corona light and Corona sky.

Part 2 tutorial will cover up exporting the low poly model to zbrush,
then from there we will use different type of brushes and masking to the details of the cake to achieve the details that we wanted for our cake.

Part 3 tutorial will cover up decimation of the zbrush model to lower its polygon count and export it back to 3dsmax. Also we will cover up on a script called Advanced Painter for adding small details on our scene.

Part 4 will talk about denoising a new feature in Corona 1.4 and also post production in photoshop using lenscare and nik software.

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