Pulze released Scene Manager 2

Save your time with better scene management in 3ds max.

The newly released Scene Manager 2 builds on the benefits of its predecessor by expanding the feature set to offer customizable solutions for individual artists and 3D teams alike.

Pulze Scene Manager is a 3dsMax plugin, designed to set up multiple scenes in a single file. It is perfect for image drafting, animation sequences, or projects with many variations. it is customizable, suiting various needs of 3d artists.

This is what distinguishes Scene Manager’s latest version the most – the possibility to create a personalized interface for the end user. As all features and custom variables can be assigned to the user’s account, artists can display their very own set of tools and create the desired look. You can keep your UI neat and tidy but if you are obsessed with micro-management, you can tweak hundreds of buttons.

With Scene Manager 2, all the important variables can be defined, such as lights, HDRIs, layers, objects, render settings, outputs and many more. Every iterative task in 3ds Max can be automatized, while you control Max precisely and efficiently throughout the whole life cycle of a project.

Batch rendering multiple variations of a scene has never been so easy. Scene Manager is able to render directly on the workstation or it can communicate with Pulze Render Manager to send out the different scenes to your local render farm. By baking the scenes automatically, it is compatible with other render manager solutions as well.

Save time

Through a customer satisfaction survey, developers have collected the usage habits of our users across the globe. Based on their experience, an artist working at a studio saves an average of 43 minutes per day by using Scene Manager. By enhancing the pipeline and optimizing the workflow, a studio can save around €4K per artist per year.

Top features include

●    Handpicked initial set of 250 properties which enable you to control your cameras, lights, objects, layers and the most important render settings. With these new custom properties, you can build your own set of controls and manage your scenes like never before.
●    The updated objects and layers modules allow you to precisely control all the essential properties. Visibility Overrides, Receive/Cast Shadows, Freeze, Reflection/Refraction controls, and even Transformation (position, rotation, scale) per setup.
●    The revamped Sun, Dome and Environment modules are now much easier to use and they provide you with all the required controls.
●    The new Quick Hdri Browser helps you pick the best lighting option for your scene.
●    The option is given to export the required setups to separate Max, V-Ray Scene or Corona Scene files or batch-run your desired MaxScript on them.
●    Various UI/UX enhancements which ensure that you get used to Scene Manager within a couple of minutes.


Scene Manager currently works with 3ds Max and supports the most popular render engines, such as: V-Ray, Corona Renderer, FStorm, Redshift, Arnold.

Pricing and availability

Scene Manager “Indie” and “Pro” versions are available. “Indie” is a perfect choice for individuals while the “Pro” version is suitable for companies with multiple users. Term licensing is available on a monthly and annual basis, depending on the version. In case of purchasing an annual license, the SM “Indie” is priced at €2.08/month and the SM “Pro” is €6.67/month.

For details, please visit Pulze Scene Manager 2 website


Source evermotion.org
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