Free scene Corona Sky with procedural clouds – 7 different setups (Cinema 4D + Corona)

This is a free scene with 7 different Corona Sky setups ready to render with Cinema 4D and Corona!

You can reuse the Sky setups in your project or simply have fun switching from one to another.

Cinema 4D R2023 and Corona 9 are recommended to use this file.

A few more info about this product:

– The 3d mountain landscape is made using Cinema 4D Landscape primitives
– All materials are Physical materials (no more Legacy materials)
– All clouds are procedural, made with Corona Sky settings (no HDRi)
– You can easily get a different cloud formations by playing with clouds random seed and other settings
– Milky way is made with a Photo from placed on a background plane
– Camera settings and VFB settings are ready to render for each Sky setup
– The renders need no post-production with Photoshop

C4D File: 477 KB; Polygons: 22.000.200; Materials: 5; Textures: 3 (38,5 MB)

You can choose between 7 setups:

1. Night sky (Milky way photography)
2. Red sunset
3. Golden sunset
4. Pink sunset
5. Cloudy
6. Clear sky
7. Enrosadira


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