How to enlarge the frame of a camera in your renderings without changing perspective

If you need to enlarge the frame of a camera without altering the perspective of your original composition, try this one of three ways below:

1.Peter Guthrie: 

Divide the original width of your frame by the new width, which in my case was 1200/1600 which gives 0.75. Then multiply your camera focal length by this ratio to find what the new focal length should be. For the example I’m using my original focal length was 35mm, which multiplied by 0.75 is 26.25mm.

Set your camera to this new focal length, change the format accordingly and you have effectively added width to your composition.


2.Martin Breidt – Overscan v0.2

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Useful utility if you need extra margins in your renderings – it adjusts your camera and render settings so that your old image will be part of the new rendering without changing perspective – just like changing ‘Canvas Size’ in Photoshop, but in 3D.

Option to copy/keep old camera; dialog remembers original render size; optional delta values relative to original render size.

Note: This will probably not work for Brazil or Vray cameras or other 3rd party custom camera types.

Download Overscan v0.2

3.Yane Markulev – AdjustRenderWidth for Vray


It is useful when you have a vray camera and you want to extend the view for example a bit to the left without changing the perspective. The calculation is pretty simple but you can save time and confusion using this script.

Run by simply dragging to you max viewport or through the standard run script etc. It asks you to select a vray camera, takes its focal length and the current resolution width and asks you to input new render width. Then calculates the new focal length of the camera, displays it and if you would like to make the change simply press Apply. It changes only the focal length of the camera and the width of the render even if the aspect ratio is locked or it is set to preset (like HDTV). If you don’t like it you can use the script to put back your render width and it will adjust the original focal length.

Download AdjustRenderWidth for Vray


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