How to render seamless textures with Omnitiles | VIZPARK

How to render seamless textures with Omnitiles | VIZPARK

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This tutorial shows how to create seamless textures with Omnitiles for use with GPU renderers like vrayRT / Octane render or for use in games engines like Unity, Unreal Engine and Stingray.

OMNITILES frees patterns from the chains of square tiles. With the pattern editor, you can create any shape and virtually unlimited patterns for use in 3Ds Max® or game engines. Use Cross- map for randomized bitmaps or procedural maps and use OmniTiles for any layer within your material. OmniTiles pattern editor makes creating patterns easy. Create any shape by simply drawing lines along the edges of your tile. You can modify existing patterns or create entirely new ones. Each shape / tile can have it´s own map assigned, for example VP Crossmap to randomize bitmaps within each repeated tile, or procedural maps for even further freedom. Let yourself be inspired by the new freedom of OmniTiles.



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